Hello AR UG (limited liability) is a company that deals with the further development of new and existing technologies. The company researches and develops on its own and on behalf of third parties, patentable new developments up to product maturity. It also introduces new copyrighted developments that are either self-owned, owned by individuals, inventor communities or companies. The Hello AR UG has an excellent team in development and research, as well as good and networked skills in capital procurement for third parties and for own projects.


From the very beginning, the company manages commissioned projects in the augmented, virtual and mixed reality sectors, as well as in turbine technology, which are protected by copyright. Furthermore, the company manages several European patents and their legal content on behalf of third parties. Research into software projects and alternative energy projects is currently ongoing.


Our company will be happy to answer your questions and express your interest.

You can contact us at any time at: info@helloar.de