Design concepts

After designing the design team, the design team will be able to cast the projects, products and services to be applied in the right form. The design concept is the visual implementation of the project concept, approved by the company management, which is oriented on sales and distribution. Strictly aligned with corporate identity and corporate design, it brings together the key facts that enable a company to operate successfully in the long term on the market.

On the basis of basic knowledge about sales and trading forms as well as the corresponding key figures of your company, it is now possible to submit a design concept that is geared to a measurable success. Concepts and design concepts go hand in hand.

Successful design concepts generally refer not only to the current advertising approach, but also include a clear and comprehensible structure, which refers to your entire corporate identity. This can be extended and optimized over many years.

Such a long-term design set offers the possibility to reflect the individual advertising campaigns and, if necessary, to replace them in the overall design concept.

Use design concepts with a system!