Brand Management & Brand Maintenance

A brand name is the continuous development and maintenance / further development of a brand. The aim is to differentiate between competitors' offerings.

The branding of a brand results in a higher recognition value for the consumer. Furthermore, the user identifies himself with certain attributes, properties and services with a brand. If a brand is well represented and positioned, the company achieves an increase in reputation - and, above all, a sales increase - as far as the product allows.

Today the value of a company is strengthened by its brands. It is therefore desirable to expand existing brands and to introduce new ones. This strengthens the company's capital stock and thus its survival.

Through our expertise, we bring your product to the customer, whether it is already on the market or not. With our help, you can further expand your company and secure your branded reputation for your products and services.

Brand Building

The starting point for establishing a brand is brand identity. This forms the basis for brand positioning. A branding process is then formed from a longer learning process for consumers. For a company, it is an important goal to build a distinctive brand image among the consumers. The brand must be associated with positive and successful.

The brand in general is created by the long-term build-up of customer trust in the brand. A key role is played by product and service quality, brand recognition and the brand's acceptance by the target group. It is therefore an entrepreneurial art to bring a successful brand onto the market.

In principle, the following questions must be asked:
ow useful is the brand?
How interesting is the brand?
How unique is the brand?
How unchallenged is the brand?

Brand Positioning

There are three ways of brand positioning:
    1    Strengthening market positioning
    2    Closure of a market gap
    3    Repositioning a competitor

The aim of all possibilities is to place the brand in the consciousness of the consumers and to stand out from the competition. Consumers should be given a good impression of the product or the brand itself. It is therefore important to establish where one's own brand can be positioned in the minds of the consumers. This positioning can be strengthened by technical or designer renewals compared to other suppliers.

Brand Architecture

The brand architecture differs from the classic brand strategy by a company-wide view and the consideration of all brands. There are hardly any companies that are positioned on the market with only one brand. 

Different customer requirements and globalization make it increasingly necessary to compete with several products in order to meet the needs of customers. The complexity of multi-brand strategies is to be made more transparent by the brand architecture or the brand hierarchy.

The brand architecture therefore determines which and how many brands a company is using in which areas and whether the links between the brands should be visible to the customers.

Integrated Brand Communication

Integrated brand communication has the task of coordinating the various communication activities of a company for a brand in an intentional, formal and timely manner. 

The purpose is to convey a consistent image of the brand towards the consumer.

Brand Management

Once you have managed to establish a strong brand, you can be proud of your success. Unfortunately, a deserved rest is not a good strategy. Fortunately, brand care is less of a hassle than starting from scratch, especially if you have many years of experience implementing it effectively and efficiently.

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Brand Extension

When the brand extension is extended, the existing brand is transferred to a product in a new category.

Depending on the ownership of the brand, this can be done internally or externally. By using the image position of the old product, a new "market" can be opened up.

The new brand is supported by the old brand, since it already has a high degree of recognition.