Good design is for eternity.

Everything that surrounds us in the everyday world is always a form of design. Not only nature, but also man.

However, the interplay between art and design is still controversial. Design is often seen as a pure negotiation of given guidelines. But why should design exclude art?

Thanks to our professional know-how and many years of experience, we are able to take on almost all design challenges of your corporate design (C.D.).

As a basis for any kind of advertising, from the print to the IT web area, an appealing design is irreplaceable.

Scheid & Partner finds the right appearance for every company. For it is not just a question of style, but a question of the ability, for example, to have a classic, simple design with clean lines, or rather an artistically playful design.

So that you can shine with your new surface:
Scheid & Partner.

Corporate Design

Corporate design is a sub-point of corporate identity. It represents the individualized appearance of each company. The C.D. Should in principle be thought through at the start-up of the company and adapted to the entire company. Corporate design encompasses both the areas of writing, language and color concepts, as well as a uniform logo development as well as design concepts and illustrations. For each individual area, a uniform occurrence is a great advantage to create a recognition value not only for the customer, but also for corporate clients. The aim of C.D. is among other things internally and externally a sense of belonging to create.

In addition to recognizability, the practical use should also be taken into account. Each logo, inscription and color concept can be designed as unicum, which optimizes your market positioning and presents clear branding for your label or product.

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3D Design

We enter the third dimension with our customers. Products, workflows and services become more transparent through an appealing design in 3D. For example, for example, from the inside through a complicated machine and see every detail as small as possible.

Through our 3D designers, we are able to make your products more intuitive. You can use these animations or still images in your advertising campaigns, customer support, and training for your employees and even in the area of TV cinema advertising.

Through our individual consultation, we enable you to perfectly customize your 3D animation requirements for your product and your company. The move to the next dimension is close at hand with Scheid & Partner.

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Product Design

The product design encompasses all steps from the design stage, through the graphic implementation to the craft production of a prototype or the product itself. Depending on the product, the product designer deals with the functionality, form-finding, feasibility and coloring of the product.

Although industrial design is increasingly dependent on the results of market research, it is not in a position to generate long-term market scenarios. Sustained concepts, however, are unavoidable, especially during long product development periods.

For this reason, the Agency defines objectives at the beginning of each product design and develops concepts based on them. On the basis of sketches, which give a first visual impression, errors are then analyzed and improved. A prototype is then created. This can be done by either a model or a 3D animation.

Many years of experience in this field enable us to design your product in consultation with you in such a way that it can be successfully placed on the market.

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Photo Design

Photo Design describes the way to capture and visualize visual aspects through photography. It is not only a question of finding a good motif, but also of optimally setting it in terms of aesthetic and design aspects. It is important to observe the general design "rules". These are, in the simplest case, the golden section, in the more complex case the arrangement in space and visual sequences.

In addition to product recording, we also offer HDR recordings (recordings with particularly high light perception), as well as architectural photography, portrait photographs and CGI images (3D animated images).

In order to be able to display the desired objects or persons in an optimal way, please contact our team. The unique composition of graphic designers, architects and developers guarantees the best possible result for your project.

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A special form of our work is artistic expression. In addition to the rational approach to projects, we are also taking them artistically. From this we gain new views. This allows us to look beyond the box in real application and thus guarantee you even more benefits.

This approach is unique.

Artdesign has the motto for us:
Art causes art,
Art creates form,
Shape effects idea,
Idea effects research,
Progress creates future,
Future causes social justice,
Social justice causes peace!
Art is good! 
01.11.2011 Ralf Scheid

AR Software

World novelty, the "Princess Leya Effect" has become reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) or extended reality, a currently widely discussed concept and technology path, a new world market theme, presents 3D animations and data visualization via virtual readers in spatial perspectives.

Scheid & Partner has gone a step further, Real AR, let yourself be surprised. Contact us and you will see a world that has been hidden to you so far, which will amaze you and your customers, no matter which industry you belong to.

We have made the future, which is so known only from "Science Fiction Filmen", real.

Contact us now, with this technology they get "absolute" attention and are far ahead of your competition, both in technology and in perception.

Augmented Reality Examples

The future is now:
Virtual worlds and data stream visualization have become reality by means of AR (Augmented Reality).

All sectors including architecture, engineering, communication, services and trade, as well as environmental perception and the entire existence as such, will be completely changed to your advantage by means of real AR.

Become a user and researcher of a completely new future, let your product interaction dreams come true. Your customers will be delighted.

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