3D Design

We enter the third dimension with our customers. Products, workflows and services become more transparent through an appealing design in 3D. For example, for example, from the inside through a complicated machine and see every detail as small as possible.

Through our 3D designers, we are able to make your products more intuitive. You can use these animations or still images in your advertising campaigns, customer support, and training for your employees and even in the area of TV cinema advertising.

Through our individual consultation, we enable you to perfectly customize your 3D animation requirements for your product and your company. The move to the next dimension is close at hand with Scheid & Partner.


The animation is, strictly speaking, any technique that creates a moving image for the viewer by creating and displaying 3D images. The 3D individual images can be drawn, calculated in the computer or photographed.

Animation can be changed in nature. Images and ideas that are important for a product can be assembled into a computer-animated film. This gives the viewer a better insight into a project or a product and helps him to understand this more easily and quickly.

Thus, animations are a perfect means to promote products, services or the entire company.


Visualization is, in principle, any illustration of abstract data. Texts or connections are brought into a graphical or visually ascertainable form.
The implementation of a marketing concept as well as a process visualization are a good example. In both cases, a complex problem (task position) is to be visualized by the visual representation of simple and logical connections.

For this purpose, logically constructed structures are applied, which in the simplest case can consist of a sequence of upper and lower points. This very simple process can be supported by the creation of a video, 3D movie or 3D image, as factors like coloring or product animation increase the advertising effectiveness.

Still Image

The artificially produced still image presents high demands on the animation architects in the 3D development. It is necessary to have correctly understood the light conditions, technical data, facts about buildings, machines, vehicles, technologies and much more in order to present these technically correct and emotionally convincing.

Not only does the knowledge acquisition reach the object, but also his ability to map objects in space via vectors and to define their components in three-dimensional space. This assumes a high demand for geometric abilities, while at the same time ensuring perfect product comprehension. The result should also have an emotional effect, as well as a real impact on the addressee, your customer.

This balancing act has to be skillfully mastered, only then you can get very good 3D still images, which we gladly create at any time to promote your products or to make them accessible to the science.