Photo Design

Photo Design describes the way to capture and visualize visual aspects through photography. It is not only a question of finding a good motif, but also of optimally setting it in terms of aesthetic and design aspects. It is important to observe the general design "rules". These are, in the simplest case, the golden section, in the more complex case the arrangement in space and visual sequences.

In addition to product recording, we also offer HDR recordings (recordings with particularly high light perception), as well as architectural photography, portrait photographs and CGI images (3D animated images).

In order to be able to display the desired objects or persons in an optimal way, please contact our team. The unique composition of graphic designers, architects and developers guarantees the best possible result for your project.


A High Dynamic Range Image Photography, known as the High Contrast Image, is a digital image that can store very large differences in brightness occurring in nature. These are recorded by special cameras or generated by means of 3D computer animation. So far, there are only a few output devices. On conventional screens, HDR images can’t be imaged, but must be converted to LDR - Low Dynamic Range Images images. This means a reduction in HDR image quality.
By avoiding over- or under-exposure, HDR images provide a very large area for further image processing - both graphically and in 3D. Image details are better, more extensive and finer resolvable. This makes the images clearer and deeper and can be perceived in 3D.
This has the advantage for you that we represent representations with high precision.

Architectural Photography

Since the emergence of photography, architectural photography has been one of the oldest perception processes. 
This artistically documentary nature of photography clearly illustrates the desire for beauty and design through humanly created works. It serves both market finding and inspiration for new building materials and design elements.
A photograph of your company's seat, which is taken with caution, puts your company in a good light.

Advertising Photographs

The advertising photo gallery comes from the development of photography. Originally, it served the purpose of conveying people and making them interesting.
Today, advertising photos represent your projects, products and services in a factual form or with an emotional spice. This is how we make your products known and solve your customers' sales campaigns.


Your customers want to know who they are dealing with. With the classic portrait, we therefore represent individuals of your company in groups as well as individually.
This can contribute both to the branding of your business, as well as to a particular activity in your home.


Computer Generated Imagery is the image synthesis using 3D computer graphics. The advantage of these images is their high quality density by artificial 3D generation.
SThus today many advertising impressions - e.g. in the automotive industry - only with CGI, since the exposure can be arbitrarily adjusted.
Also the 3D object can be worked out in every detail. This gives the end customer the impression that it is true photography and influences his consciousness in favor of the product.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography serves as a means of buying and is both an impulse and art at the same time.
It has been shaping whole societies and their purchasing habits for decades. So it is the purchase manipulator badly.
In addition, it is setting trends and generating the most important need structures since the beginning of photography, both for men and for women.